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What is this tracker thing?

This website is a search engine for ipkg packages for the OpenWrt firmware which is designed to run a multitude of home routers.

Why was it started?

There used to be a tracker run by one of the OpenWrt team members, but it went offline for some reason, and after a few months it still did not come back online. At the time of launch of this site, the tracker was still "under construction". So we started our own.

How does it work?

Every 6 hours, the Packages file is fetched from every repository. The database is then updated to reflect currently available packages.

The backend fetcher is written in PHP, as is the frontend website. Data is stored in a MySQL 5.1 database (InnoDB engine).

The "search engine" supports a few simple Google-style options like "quoting words", wildcarding dashes, comma's etc to spaces, using the -exclusion operator, etc.

Who wrote it?
Who is hosting it?

The tracker was fully developed by sid3windr. Hosting is done by Boxed IT in Brussels, Belgium.
The site was hosted on a Sun Netra X1, 400MHz UltraSparc IIe with 512MB RAM for 6.5 years, but moved to modern hardware in August 2012.

What is your relation to the OpenWrt team? is not affiliated with OpenWrt development. We are simply users of the firmware, and were in need of some packages not available in the default repository.

This tracker is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the OpenWrt developers.

How do I submit a repository which isn't listed yet?
How do I submit my own repository?

Please use the submit page.

How do I contact you?

Please see the contact page.

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